Properly conducted, the probate administration process allows a person’s assets to be distributed according to the wishes of the decedent as expressed in the will or to his or her heirs at law when there is no will. Many probates proceed smoothly, but even an estate of modest proportions can give rise to legal problems. Often with the correct estate plan, probate can be avoided. But when a person dies without a will or with just a will (and no trust or other estate plan) probate may be required. We handle probate cases anywhere in California and will often handle cases on behalf of out of state executors, administrators or beneficiaries. For example, when a parent dies in California or leaves real property in California, a child living out of state may be named as executor of the estate.

Elise Paul is an experienced probate administration and estate planning attorney. We provide timely and cost-efficient probate administration services for executors in the San Diego area, California, and across the country.