Losing a loved one is difficult and if you have been named executor of their estate, you may not understand the process. There are specific steps you are required to take beginning with filing a petition with the court and notifying heirs.

The probate process can be long, in some cases taking more than two years. Errors made during the probate process can put you at risk both financially and legally. This is why most estate executors turn to an attorney with experience handling the probate process for representation through the process.

Probate is not only required to deal with wills and decedent’s estates. In some instances, you may be tasked for caring for a child, or a disabled adult when a loved one, or close friend becomes disabled. Both conservatorship and guardianship issues are handled by the probate court, and they also require the skills of an experienced attorney.

We understand you are under a lot of stress after losing a close friend or family member, or when someone close to you has been disabled, and we also understand the probate process can feel overwhelming. We are here to help you with all matters related to the probate process.

If you need help with any probate related matters in San Diego County, contact the Law Office of Elise Paul, APC. We understand these processes can be confusing and feel overwhelming. There is no need for you to feel any additional stress, we have experience handling a broad range of probate court issues and can guide you through the process.